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CREATIVE & CLEVER personalized items you need and want that have absolutely nothing to do with squirrels.

In the spirit of offering interesting things to interesting people, we here at SQUIRREL SQUARED really get into the art of personalization.  In a NUTshell, any item you see on our website or any item you have not yet seen on our website can be personalized.  Click on our GALLERY link above to peruse just some of the items we've created.


ABOUT OUR PROCESS...Dye sublimation involves using specialty inks with specialty printers and specialty papers.  Together, these inks on these papers, when heated with a Heat Press, alter the inks to a gaseous state.  This gas then permeates into the "substrate" being heated and literally becomes a part of the substrate.  If you haven't seen and felt a dye sublimated substrate, YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT.  The brilliance of the colors is fantastic and the effects are magical...especially in the area of photo sublimation.  

ABOUT OUR APPAREL...Dye sublimation is our go-to process; but from time to time folks will ask for a material or color wearable that requires us to use a heat transfer vinyl process.  We can do that.  We do NOT do screenprinting.  We take pride in the fact that we avoid "standard" scratchy, highly shrinkable shirts.  (Anyone can offer you those for pennies on the dollar.)  SQUIRREL SQUARED only offers soft, quality-fabric apparel.  Solar Wear; Moisture Wicking; Performance Fabrics; Polyesters with the feel of cotton...these are the fabrics we choose to use.  And if you're into the outdoors - from fishing to bull riding - we have a line of dye sublimateable apparel that will leave others coveting your attire.

ABOUT OUR LINE OF BEAUTIFUL CZECH JEWELS... We here at SQUIRREL SQUARED make everything by hand, one item at a time, EXCEPT for our line of Czech Jewels.  The Czech Jewels are handmade by the KRISTINA COLLECTION.  We just find them to be of such high quality and of such delightful uniqueness that we couldn't help but bring them to you as authorized distributors.  We  bring them because the owner of SQUIRREL SQUARED, Nancy jean Okunami, first saw them in a little boutique in Florida and fell in love with them.  As Nancy jean says, "How can we NOT bring them to our customers.  They're unique, too.  And isn't SQUIRREL SQUARED all about being unique."

SHOP MOM & POP. Your business matters to us. You get 100% of our attention to detail from the moment we connect.

We cherish our customers.  Why else would we chuck perfectly good ACORNS at our customers?  (ACORNS are little coupon codes that will allow you discounts on online and/or in person purchases.)


1) You can subscribe to our mailing list (We will not allow you to be spammed.)  Feel free to SUBSCRIBE below.

2) You can follow @squirrelsquared on  Instagram and see what our owner, Nancy jean, is offeriing ACORNS on as the mood hits her.  (She's a generous squirrel girl.)

3) You can simply ask for an ACORN at one of the TRADE/CRAFT Shows or Events SQUIRREL SQUARED is participating in.  (See 2019 dates and locations below)

4) Has someone referred you?  Word-of-Mouth Referrals, based on quality and customer satisfaction, make our squirrely toes tap.  Tell us who referred you and we will chuck an ACORN to both you and to your referring friend.  You are so very welcome.


If we, as a Mom and Pop, keep it easy for the customer and deliver A++ service which then compels our customers to express their delight and say things like, "I had no idea how awesome this was going to come out." and "You guys do beautiful, professional work." then we are hitting our mark.  We're not in this industry to make a million bucks.  We're in it to share our love for the creative process with others while providing extra income for our families.  Also, since God directs us to use our talents to serve others and to do everything as if working for the Lord, our prayer is that we will honor both Him and you by presenting our very best selves through our work.


The name. Why is your business called Sqiurrel Squared?


"Because the square root of squirrel squared is just squirrel.  But squirrel squared without the square root sign is squirrel times squirrel and that is not the same.  That's DIFFERENT!  Hey!  What WE do is different.  Let's name the business Squirrel Squared.  Who doesn't love a squirrel?"  

(Nancy jean, Owner)


RRShipping.  Very simply.  We hate it!  We wish we were Amazon and had our own caravan of drivers.  But SQUIRRELS CANNOT DRIVE and therefore we are at the mercy of non-squirrel drivers.

We tried FREE shipping for a while, but that was simply not feasible.  

Soooooo....we are pinky swearing the following regarding shipping:

For small items, we will charge a flat fee of $3.  For larger items, we will charge a flat fee of $7.  We find, that within these parameters, we can offer two-day trackable shipping through USPS and not suffer a substantial loss to our profit ratio.  This allows us to keep our prices fair to you and realistic to the market.  

WHEN YOU CHECK OUT, our website shipping calculator will automatically choose to charge you $7 (even when you may have a small item eligible for $3 shipping). We WILL catch that error on our end and refund the shipping overage within 48 hours.  This refund will go directly back onto the card that you paid with.  YOU CAN put your order through with confidence knowing there is a SQUIRREL SWEAR in place and the difference will be coming back to you.

IF, never having gone through a pinky swear with a squirrel, you are not 100% comfortable with this process, you can email us or call us.  Our owner, Nancy jean, will personally respond to you and send you a direct invoice through our secure invoicing system (SQUARE) with the correct shipping price.  Orders placed and paid for in this way are placed in queue the same as orders placed directly through our website.  We stress that this is another benefit of working with a Mom & Pop.

LASTLY, sometimes orders (to places such as Alaska, or orders that are extremely heavy and require a ginormous box) actually DO require a bit more shipping.  In those cases, we will contact you directly and let you know our shipping app has undercharged you.  We will work one on one with you to let you know what we expect shipping to be and only charge you additional shipping that you, the customer, and we, the squirrels, have agreed upon.  We apologize if this sounds complicated. Always feel free to contact us to discuss shipping or any other matter that you would like clarification on.


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2019 Trade/Craft Show Dates and Locations



Belton, TX

Sat, March 23, 2019  (10a-5p)

Sun, March 24, 2019 (11a-4p)

Sat, Nov. 9, 2019 (10a-5p)

Sun, Nov. 10, 2019 (11a-4p)

Fri, Nov. 29, 2019 (9a--5p)

Sat, Nov. 30, 2019 (10a-5p)

Sun, Dec. 1, 2019 (11a-4p)



2 Texas Dr., Bldg A - Georgetown, TX

Fri, Aug. 16, 2019 (9a-4p)



Belton, TX

Sat, Sept. 14, 2019 (9a-5p)

Squirrel Squared

3925 Sapphire Loop, Round Rock, TX 78681

(512) 695-4260 - Nancy@SquirrelSquared.BIZ

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